Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

He found his teacher in Hazrat Sayyid Abu Hashim Madani, the successor to one of the branches of the Chishti Sufi Order in India. After taking the sacred vow of initiation, he went through a course of training in the four Sufi Schools of Chishti, Naqshbandi, Qadiri, and Surawardhi. Before Abu Hashim Madani died, he called his pupil Inayat Khan to his bedside to bless him and enjoin him to bring the message of Sufism to the Western world and to harmonize East and West with his music - in the broadest sense of this word.

In 1926 Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan returned to India where he died the following year. His dargah (mausoleum) is situated in Delhi near the abode of the well-known Hope Project. He left a legacy of inspiration, both in books transcribed from his lectures and in the spiritual transmission passed on to his mureeds. Many of his transcribed lectures were collected and edited as the 'Sufi Message'.


This image shows the preparation for the laying of the cornerstone of the Universel in 1926. Ten years old Vilayat Inayat Khan who on this occasion was to be initiated by his father as head of the Confraternity of the Message is visible at the left side of his father and standing behind his younger brother Hidayat.

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