»The purpose of the Sufi Healing Order is to awaken humanity to a greater realization of the power of the Divine Spirit to heal, thus to bring about a better state of physical, mental and spiritual health, and so to fulfill the law of God. The basic principle of the Healing Order is that the soul is the Divine Breath; it purifies, revivifies and heals the instrument through which it functions.« Hazrat Inayat Khan


The Healing Order is an international network of people with a focus on healing. Initiation into the Healing Order strengthens one´s inner connection with illuminated Beings of Healing, through our link with Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, founder of this order. Members work with healing practices on a daily basis to increase their capacity for the Divine Healing Power to come through. A commitment to healing includes one´s own personal healing and involves ongoing purification and clarity of intention.

The Healing Order aims to make the Sufi Teachings about healing available through seminars and workshops. Special training courses are provided for conductors as well as for members who are involved in professional healing work.
The Healing Ritual is a group activity of the Healing Order, in which members pray for the healing of those who have asked for their names to be on the Healing List. Healing circles are facilitated by healing conductors and serve those who have asked for healing. Healing conductors may also provide classes in healing. Candidates for the Healing Order are encouraged to contact their local conductor. In addition members are encouraged to visit hospitals, and to help their friends when they are not well.

»The secret of healing is to rise by the power of belief above the limitations of this world of variety, that one may touch by the power of intelligence the oneness of the whole Being. It is there that one becomes charged with the almighty power, and it is by the power of that attainment that one is able to help oneself and others in their pain and suffering. Verily, spirit has all the power there is.« Hazrat Inayat Khan

»The beauty of the group work is that it illuminates the personal satisfaction of being endowed with special powers. Healing is looked upon as a gracious act of solidarity with human suffering, inspired by attunement with the Holy Spirit and allowing oneself to become a pure channel for the divine power. We therefore beckon upon your cooperation and goodwill in helping us to fulfill this great task, if indeed it finds a resonance in your being« Pir Vilayat Khan

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