an invitation for humanity
to become a mureed of God
- in order to manifest God -


We invoke the global being
whose body is the physical cosmos,
whose fabric we share as our bodies,
and whose celestial shroud is revealed to us
when we are attuned to our celestial being,
whose thinking is customized in our thought,
and whose emotion arouses ecstasy in our soul,
when we are moved to glorify the splendor behind what we see.

We invoke the global being
whose body is the physical cosmos,
whose fabric we share as our bodies,
and whose celestial shroud is revealed to us
when we are attuned to our celestial being,
whose presence is always there, mostly unbeknownst to ourselves,
and whose reality transcends any concept we could make of him/her.


»Creativity in the future will only be acceptable
if it has a meaning for humanity.

(David Bohm)

The Universel is a temple of people. The Sufi Order is an esoteric school like the Essenes but it is for those few people who really want spiritual training and guidance. But the need of humanity is much wider; people who are not yet ready for a personal training but are turned on by this kind of ideal of unity, unity in diversity. Murshid did introduce aspects of his teaching which have a much more universal outreach than the Sufi Order, for example, the Universal Worship.

If you try to reconcile the dogmas you get lost. Throughout the years what I have done is to show the parallels between the methods of meditation rather than the dogmas. And there you find much more at least compatibility or complementarity. Now we are at a point when it is very clear that many of the wars and conflicts have a religious motivation.

The objective of the Universal Worship is to show the perspective of the Message which is wider than the syncretism which is really analyzing the past. And so one of the things that we need to do in the Universal Worship is to see what the different religions say but to bring forth what the Message is saying.

What Pir-o-Murshid did was absolutely novel, absolutely the first time in the history of the world, and that is, all the prophets and masters and saints are your teachers.

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There are two steps. The first step is that you represent the teacher. That is called tassawuri murshid, and the next step, that you get into the consciousness of the teacher and that is tawajjeh. And if you try to imagine the form or the picture, that is what Islam calls idolatry. And you see what danger idolatry can represent in the world, the idolatry of a guru. The way of the Sufis is getting into the attunement rather than the picture.

Well, now imagine that you get into the consciousness of Buddha, that you get in the consciousness of Abraham, that you get in the consciousness of Christ, you get in the consciousness of Mohammed, you get in the consciousness of Krishna, Shiva – imagine what that does! Quite a different thing to imagining Jesus on the cross, or Buddha sitting under the tree, or Shiva with a snake around his neck. That's the picture, tassawur.

So, I would say that to be up to presenting the universal message of the spirituality of the millennium we have to get into the consciousness of all the prophets and saints and masters. That means not imagining them as they were, not even imagining them as they could be, but imagining them as they are beyond time. You know, I like jokes, so sometimes I imagine what Shiva would be like today. I think he would give seminars to show how you can transform your immune system and overcome the danger of cancer, for example. Mastery. And Buddha, I think he would be a fantastic psychotherapist. I imagine Abraham and Mohammed to be the two presidents of the commission of disarmament. I know, this sounds like a joke but maybe there is more truth in it than one thinks. And I suppose it might have some impact on the present political conflicts in the world.

In our personal training we have learned how to get into the consciousness of people. But now we are learning how to get into the consciousness of the masters, saints and prophets. That is the dimension of the curriculum of the Universel. And I can tell you that it will transform your being totally, because the trouble about personal training is that it is a concern for your person, and one is never so great as when one's concern is that of humanity instead of oneself. And so the Universel is really the service of humanity, and these are the words of Pir-o-Murshid. That is why he says, the Message is the awakening of humanity to the divinity of man, not the awakening of the person.

One is placing service in front of personal interest. And then, believe me, you don't go to a psychotherapist any more for your problems because they are so unimportant. Or the psychotherapists are in the Message and then they are opening a new vista. Your personal problems are so unimportant in comparison. Do you think that Mother Teresa of Calcutta thought of her personal problems? Do you think she had personal problems? I must say that the only way to be of service to humanity is to be fervent, passionate – a very strong determination, you cannot be lukewarm, that won't do.

So, that is the new vision but you see that it is very challenging because it could lead towards disorder. There are the words of Bach:
"The secret of my music nobody knows except me; I am trying to create a model for the human commonwealth - not music, a model for the human commonwealth! -: for each theme an instrument, for each instrument a theme, not the imposition of a melody upon an accompaniment; every voice has its contribution and needs to be inventive but needs to put the reins on its initiative in the interest of the whole."

And then he ends by saying: "And such is the harmony of the stars."

Isn't that fantastic? So that it cannot be free for all, then of course it is disorder. Listening to each other, having an opinion and trying to find cohesion in these different opinions. It is an advanced form, it is an advanced model and as I say, only for more evolved people.

That is why Pir-o-Murshid says, it starts with a teacher-disciple-relationship and it ends by friendship, by the most wonderful friendship. Perhaps the best example of that friendship is to be found in the mutual respect of the knights, that is, they are countering each other but respect each other. There is a word of Voltaire who said, I disagree with what you say or what you think but I would give my life for your right to say it. That is the way of the great beings, whereas the puny beings say, you don't agree with me? – out! That is the difference. And so I hope that you will apply this in your work in the Sufi Order and then we will learn how to do it in the Universel. Because if you are inviting the opinions of people then there will be differences and conflicts and so one has to know how to confront a different opinion and stand by one's opinion but with respect.«

(Texts by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan)

May the message of God spread far and wide!

To be loved is to flare. To love is: to shine a light with inexhaustible oil.
To be loved is bound to perish, to be loving is to last. (Rilke)

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