Attuning to Zoroaster

Zoroaster is depicted in the chronicles of history as a Magus, as a kind of king, full of light - light in his eyes, surrounded with an aura of light. And his message is the message of the celestial spheres, contact with the angelic beings. And the earth is considered as the body of the angel of planet earth, and each of the stars is the body of an archangel. Somehow we have lost our contact with that celestial reality by being earth-bound and thinking of the earth without connecting the earth with the real being of which it is the body, and the consequence: we are polluting the earth and exploiting it for our own selfish needs. And so the message of Zoroaster represents purity out of respect for the sanctity of the beings of whom not only the planet earth is the body, but also the water and the fire and the air and so on; so, like a real deep communion, the reality of which the physical world is only the embodiment. This is a kind of realization that is emerging in our time, and so the message of Zoroaster lives further and is particularly pertinent in our time. We're beginning to discover planet earth as a being, and we're reminded of our need to respect the sanctity of that being.

According to the teachings of Zoroaster, it is light that overcomes deceit, lying, ambiguity, and manipulation - all those things that lurk in the darkness. Much of this darkness exists because, like creatures blind to the splendor that surrounds us, we live in a flattened universe devoid of all its bounty. We do not see, as Zoroaster taught, that there is "beingness" in matter. Through this attunement to the prophet Zoroaster, we enter into a resonance with the one true being who is concealed behind the appearance of all the wondrous, myriad forms of material reality.

He is a very powerful cosmic archetype of man, accompanied by armies of angels conducting a ruthless battle against evil, conscious of the whole meaning of life in the planet and anywhere in the universe where there is a great battle. He has an air of victory about him because he represents the forces of light. Parsifal is like Zoroaster, as they both belong to the knighthood of the planet. He sees that the purpose is to purify the earth, to respect the dignity of the bodies of all the archangels: the body of the archangel of water, the body of the archangel of the earth, the atmosphere around the planet, which is the body of the archangel of air, the plants, the body of the archangel of plants, the animals, the cells in the body of the archangel of animals; everywhere there are beings. Today he is combating against the rape of the planet by pollution, sound pollution, the pollution in minds, to restore the universe to its primeval dignity. These are his very words: "To become an instrument of the transfiguration of the world". One has to be conscious of transmuting matter into spirit in one´s own flesh.

(Texts from meditations with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan)

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